Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 11, 2014


Its great to hear from you, sorry again that it's been so long since I have sent an email.  

Its so crazy that Julia is driving and Sammy lost a tooth!  How are they so old?! haha!  

This past week was a little bit more normalized, president goes to a different zone each day and is interviewing all of the missionaries.  Sister Broadbent is pretty good at Portuguese. She learned Spanish before, so she ends up saying a lot of things in Spanish, which is funny, but in a few months I think she will speak really well. It should be cool when Sister Broadbent is comfortable enough to talk without a translator, and I will definitely be here to see it!  

And Brazil´s horrible defeat...  woah... We watched the game, and I was in complete shock when it started to happen.  It was crazy seeing all of the fans there crying, like, little kids in the stands balling... It was rough, it pretty much devastated everyone in the whole flipping country.  It was a record breaking defeat, nobody has ever lost that badly in the semifinals of a world cup before, haha!  Everyone here is still really butthurt and upset about it.

I love you, I promise I will write more often, haha!

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