Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 13, 2015


The time is passing really quick now...  I'm getting pretty nervous about going home now, I'm afraid it will be a big transition.
Tomorrow we are going to the temple, it will be the last time I go to the temple here on my mission, so I'm excited.  We're trying to work as hard as we can but our investigators have largely stopped progressing.  We were really hoping Lidiana would be baptized before we left but it's looking like she doesn't have the testimony or desire to be baptized yet, it's sad but she is integrated now so I have high hopes that sooner or later she will be baptized.  

I don't really know what else to write... but I'm anxious to get home and see everyone!
Love you!

July 6, 2015

I haven't had any real updates from my last area but I know that their daughter, Ariel, was baptized last week!  So I can guess that they're doing great!  I hope they are getting ready to get married and get baptized themselves. I'll see if I can contact the missionaries there to see how they are doing.  I would love to visit them, but it's looking like these last weeks are going to be kind of pressed for time, because my companion is also going home, so we will have to split our time between his old areas and mine.
I got a package from the Priest Quorum this week, it had a nice letter and a bunch of American candy!  I loved it!  I took a photo with my comp and the package, and was wondering if you could have it printed and give it to the Priest Quorum with my thanks.
I haven't taken any pictures of this area yet, but I'll get on it!  We're trying to help some really good people we are teaching in this area but nobody is progressing, it's pretty frustrating.  We wanted to baptize Lidiana before we go home but she has become pretty apathetic to the gospel recently, she is really thankful for our helping her get rid of all her addictions but she doesn't seem interested in the church anymore, it's really sad.  But there are several others we are trying to bring to church in these coming weeks, we're just trying to do all the good we can before going home!

Love you!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 29, 2015


I know, just one month left!  I used to say I couldn't believe it but this transfer, with a companion who is also going home, it's actually hitting me.  But it's a really weird feeling, I feel like it will be a death/rebirth kind of transition.  But I'm really excited to use all of the amazing things I've learned on my mission in "real life."  

Yesterday we had stake conference (this is the third one I've gone to in like 3 months because of transfers, haha)  but this one was especially cool.  The stake president was the first speaker, which I thought was strange, but then it made sense.  The mission president, temple president, and an area seventy and their wives were all the other speakers!  It was a great meeting and I learned a lot.  Normally President Broadbent speaks about missionary work at the conferences but this time the seventy, Elder Gonzaga, spoke more about it than Presidente Broadbent!  He said that of all his many priesthood callings his mission is the one that made the biggest difference in his life, I thought that was really cool, and I think it will be true for me too!  It was also really cool because we were able to bring a family to church that had never gone before and I think they really felt the spirit there!  This family was reluctant to go to church because, like so many others here in Brazil, they have been traumatized by crazy churches that scream and have possessions and ask people to give half their salaries.  But I think they really saw the difference in the Church of Jesus Christ.  I think that is one of the first witnesses new investigators have of the church, and has been a really interesting experience for me too, that our church is just so much different than the others, and different only in good ways.  It's really hard to get people to actually get up and go to church but on my mission everyone that has gone has loved it without fail!

Ariel, the daughter of Leonardo and Lucia from my last area was baptized this week, I found out from the mission newsletter,  I'm really happy for her and that family, it looks like they haven't slowed down at all, and I'm hopeful the missionaries there are making progress towards their marriage!

I think it would be awesome to do a fireside, I remember missionaries that came home when I was a young man and did firesides and I thought it was super cool!

Love you, let me know about anything else interesting going on!

June 22, 2015

So I was transferred to a city called São Bernardo do Campo, right in the middle of the mission.  It's the biggest city in our mission outside of São Paulo and this area is definitely the richest I have ever served in, haha, even more so than Santo André.  It seems like a great place and I like the ward but it's been pretty hard to teach here.  I'm used to areas with tons of people on the street and people that are really receptive and have time to talk with us but those people just don't seem to exist much here, haha!  But even so, we have some really good investigators that are progressing well!  My new and last companion is Elder Lawrence.  And get this, he is going home this transfer too!   In fact there are like 6 missionaries in our zone going home this transfer.  Elder Lawrence is great, we got here in Brazil at the same time and started our missions here in the same zone, and actually, my first split ever was with him!  And since then we have been in the same zone several times, so I feel like we know each other pretty well already.

We're teaching a woman named Lidiana, she has already been to church a few times and is reading a lot of the Book of Mormon, she isn't baptized just because she wants to be sure that she actually believes what we're teaching.  She's really great, one of the most genuine people I've taught in a long time and she is making a really diligent search for the truth, if you all could put her in your prayers, I really think that she could be baptized shortly!

I got the invite to talk in Sacrament meeting!  aaaahhhh! I think I'm only really realizing this last transfer that my mission is actually ending.

Love you!!

I didn't really do anything for my birthday, I'm in a new area and none of the members know me, so I just kind of let it go by.  We will buy a pizza this week and consider it my birthday pizza, haha!

June 15, 2015


So, this week was pretty hectic, my companion and another Elder we live with who is also going home this week had to do a bunch of traveling to the office together so I spent half the week with Elder Forsgren.  It was really great, we were in the MTC together so it's awesome getting to catch up and have some good conversations.  I was transferred... which is a surprise, I've only been in this area for one transfer!  There are more than 20 missionaries going home so a lot of areas are being closed.  I'm just kind of annoyed that i wont have time to get to know my last area before going home.  Just like this area... ugh... and no one there will know about my birthday either, haha.

But it will be great, I cant believe that tomorrow I will go to my last area with my last companion!

Love you!

June 8, 2015

I'm forwarding a couple of pictures from this week.  All of the really old Americans in the mission had to go to the mission office and then the federal police station in nothern São Paulo to renew their visas.  It was fun, got to spend some time with some of my oldest friends here in the mission, and get this, I somehow managed to get a permanent visa!  haha! I don't exactly know why, but the visa renewal stamps on all the other guys' passports shows an expiration date a year from now but mine says in big bold letters PERMANENTE.  So that's cool.
This week is the last week for my comp, so today we're going to visit some of his old areas and we are going to focus on our investigators that are preparing for baptism this week, Camille and Thyná.  They are two sisters and are really great and have been going to church for a long while and their mother has finally given permission for their baptism!
Leonardo and Lucia are still probably the coolest investigators I've ever taught, they came to stake conference this weekend, Leonardo went to ALL of the sessions!  They used a lot of Doctrine &Covenants there and so Leonardo has been increasingly interested.  He's eating up scriptures and pamphlets as fast as we can give them!  This week they committed to getting married and he actually asked us about the process leading to baptism!
Love you!

June 1, 2015


This week was pretty normal, but we had a really cool stake activity on Saturday and lots of people showed up.  Each ward of the stake made a presentation about one of the church organizations and the activity was aimed at investigators, and we were able to bring out 8 non members from our area to be there!  The missionaries in our zone sang Alma, tem paz (Be Still My Soul) and it went really well, everyone loved it!

Love you, and thank you so much for the prayers, they really help :)

May 25, 2015

So I'm emailing really late again because we went to that farm place again! haha! This time it was a zone p-day, so everyone was there, it was a lot of fun!  
This week was great, Aparacido and Aline were baptized on Saturday!!!  Both of them are great and have a big desire to follow the gospel, Aparaceido has made some really huge changes in his life to get to this point and he seems super committed to continuing until the end.  

I like the idea about writing the lessons from my mission, I think I'll do that, I think I may even buy a new notebook to write that!

We also have been teaching a really cool investigator that came to church yesterday.  Have you ever seen the little video about Wilford Woodruff and his search for the truth?  It's kind of like this guy, Leonardo.  On my mission I've had some chances to teach some really intense lessons with people that have studied the Bible for years and have even taught some pastors with their own churches but this guy's is definitely the most knowlegable about the Bible and the gospel. This man knows so many things about the scriptures, even things that are basically unique to the restored gospel such as: the existence of an apostasy and the Melchizedek Priesthood, the the weird thing? He doesn't go to any church.  He has visited just about any you can think of but hasn't felt that any of them are true.  But yesterday he went with us and really enjoyed it!  When we visited him afterwards he even talked about his plans for him and his wife to get married for the purpose of getting baptized!  They're great, and I really hope to be able to baptize them before the end of my mission!
Love you!

May 18, 2015

Sorry I'm writing late, we went to a chacara today, that's like a ranch kind of thing, not big enough to call a farm, more like a house in the forest.  Anyway, it was really cool, I feel like it's been years since I've been able to walk in the grass and climb trees and stuff, haha!  

This week was good, we were able to get some good work done and Aline and maybe Aparecido will get baptized this Saturday!
I did the little daily blurb thing, so here is it.
Monday - Stayed home, read, and slept, had zone meeting which was pretty inspired!  We went to do some visits at about 7 o'clock but none of the people we planned to visit were home so we ended up having dinner at a members house.
Tuesday - I didn't feel very good this morning, I think it was from eating dinner so late.  We visited the houses of a bunch of less active members but only a few have any interest in the church anymore, the ward is asking us to visit a lot of less actives to see who still lives in the area. It rained at night and we had a great lesson with Leonard, a young man who will be baptized June 13.
Wednesday - Spent a lot of the day searching for less actives, finding referrals, and doing street contacts to find new investigators.  We were able to find quite a few people and have some really good appointments marked for the weekend.  We had good lessons with Aline and Aparecido who should both be baptized on the 23rd.
Thursday - I forgot to write about this week...
Friday - We had zone conference from 9 to 4 and we live in the next city over so we got home about 5:30.  The train was so packed I couldn't lift my arms if i tried, haha!  We visited Leonard and Selma and her family
Saturday - We went to rehearse in the chapel this morning. Elder M. Santos is going to participate in a special young men program in Sacrament meeting this Sunday.  Only young men and young men leaders are going to talk and all of them are going to sing "We'll bring the world his truth"  and Elder M. Santos will play violin.  We had some good lessons especially with Valdinete and her family, she is a less active and their family is having some problems, but they are progressing.
Sunday - Church was great, 5 investigators ended up coming to church and the young men program was great, all the young men either gave a talk or testimony!  We did some visits and at night there was a Primary fireside with a great Primary choir, it was really cool!
So that's what generally happens in our week!

May 11, 2015

The photo in front of the chapel is from a cool looking chapel outside of our mission.  I actually don't remember if I told you, but the first counselor of the Presiding Bishopric, Gerald Causse, did a meeting with our mission and the mission next to us!  It was really cool, it was great getting to hear from him.  Anyway, that was the chapel that our two missions went to for the meeting.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 27, 2015

This week was really cool, don't worry about me, I'm fine, definitely nothing dangerous, just something that stuck with me.
This week I got to go to the temple with an Elder I'm living with here to see the sealing of a family he reactivated, and their daughter was baptized. The cool thing is that the church made a cool video about this girl! Check it out!

And the missionary I went with is in the video with his companion from back then (who I also lived with when i was in Diadema, haha!)
It was the first time I've ever actually seen a sealing, and it was a really special experience being able to see that.  The whole family was just so happy!
This transfer is only 5 weeks, so this is the last week of the transfer, the transfers are passing in the blink of an eye now! haha!  I only have 2 more and I can't believe it!
I love you!

April 20, 2015

It's weird knowing that I will be home soon.  I'm just trying to continue to work on my mission and be the best I can.
This week was really good,we had more success finding people than in the last weeks and we have several investigators that should be baptized in coming weeks, including Hilary, a relative of a recent convert family.  She comes from a bit of a troubled family and is part of a Japanese  religion so sometimes it's hard to teach her, but she enjoyed church and I'm confident she will feel an answer from God. And Henrique, he went to church with afriend in another ward and we got the referral, he and his family are really receptive, and his family absolutely love the idea of him getting some sort of stability in his life because he can't seem to decide what he wants to do with his life.
Elder Souza and I had a really unique experience this week, it's not excatly a happy experience, so I dont think I'll write about it in this email, but I'll tell you about it when I get home probably.  but it helped me learn a lot about our purpose on this earth and how short and fragile and sad it can seem without the glorious perspective of the gospel.
Anyway, keep me updated on stuff, love you!

April 13, 2015

This week was good!  It's been getting colder here, and our house is weird, it seems to amplify the cold, because one wall is facing an open field, so the wind hits it and cools it a lot, but don't worry, I have plenty of stuff for cold.
We are going to the temple in two weeks, I'm excited, I think it will be the second to last time I go here in São Paulo, so I want to take advantage!
Love you!!

April 6, 2015

So this week I got my new companion, Elder Souza.  He is from the northeast of Brazil from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará.  It's cool because we were in the same zone in Diadema a few months ago so I already know him a little and had even already done splits with him.  It's going really well but he was sick this past week and with that and general conference we only ended up working like 2 days, so we didn't get to do all that much in terms of missionary work.
I loved general conference, it's my last conference on my mission!  I can't believe it. There were some talks I really liked, especially the one by Elder Pearson. I think I'm going to read that a lot during the end of my mission.
Love you!

March 30, 2015

These past couple weeks have been great in the mission.  The mission baptized 173 people in March!
We had a zone conference last week which was great, the big story was how Elder Hernandez was able to baptize 11 people in one day, and all the stuff involved in that!  It was really amazing!
Today we find out about transfers, but we still haven't gotten the call...I'll let you know what happens.
Thanks for doing everything with registration!
Love you!

March 16, 2015

This week was pretty tough to work, we had to stay home a couple of days sick and weather was really bad.  It was just a weird week.  but this week we have zone conference, so that's exciting, I hope it will be really good and inspiring!
I am learning a lot here in this area,  I am thinking it is my last area so I'm trying to do everything I can.  There are a lot of really great people in this ward and I have some really cool examples in the Elders I'm living with and the people I'm getting to know.  Thanks for the nice words in your email, I know it's true, I know this is really the Lord's work!
Love you!

March 9, 2015

This week went well!  I got the shoes, and they're great!  It took a while but they're here!
Tell Grant and Emma that I wish them really Happy Birthdays!
Haha, I would never think of hearing "we're so done of snow days" haha!
Yesterday I had the chance to talk in church.  It was really cool, I wish I had the chance to talk more, I feel I get kind of rusty when I go a while without talking.
It was cool because I was kind of nervous about being able to remember everything I wanted to say, but when I went up there I lost all my nerves and I didn't look at my outline even once, it was actually weird, but I feel like whenever I give talks I always feel a special spirit, it's really cool!
I attached some pictures from the past weeks!
I love my mission and I really know this is the Lord's errand, I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ!
Love you!

March 2, 2015

This week was pretty good! It rained a lot and I ended up getting wet a bunch, which stinks, but it was fun and we need the rain, we've been in a drought for a long time!
The twins, Natalia and Natasha were baptized on Saturday!  The baptism was fantastic, they have been going to the ward for a long time already so a ton of peole showed up!  I think the baptismal meeting had more people than our Sacrament meeting, haha!
Otherwise the week was pretty normal, it's a lot harder to teach in this new area than it was in Diadema, this place is the richest area I've been in so far and most people just mind their own business and don't really stop to talk to us...  But we have a few cool people we're teaching and I really like the ward.  It's a small ward and it actually might close and join another ward soon but the people are great!
I loved the emails from Emma and Sammy!  It sounds like they're doing great!  Sounds like Sammy is liking martial arts, and emma has liked the snow.  Are they still playing minecraft a lot?  haha! Tell them I love them, and cant wait to see them again!
I love you!

February 23, 2015

So I was transferred to a city called Santo André, it's been going well here so far.  The youth all just got back from fsy (the new name for efy, I think)  and they are all fired up about the gospel! It's awesome!  There were 2 young women in our ward who have been coming to church for like 8 months but weren't baptized, and they came back from fsy just dying to be baptized! So this Saturday they will be!  It's awesome!  Yesterday in the Sacrament meeting there weren't any speakers, they just had all the youth bear testimony, it was cool!
My companion is Elder Lott, he's great, we're actually really similar in personality.  He is also from North Carolina, and get this, we live with another elder from North Carolina!  So all of the Elders from NC are living together, and we all will go home at the same time!
That's crazy about the weather and I can't beleive Julia is taking the act and sat!  I remember being pretty stressed about those too!
My new area is really big, by far the biggest I've had before, but the ward is kind of small, but I like the members I've met so far.
Yesterday, seeing all of the youth bear testimony, I really felt the Spirit, I know that this is truly the gospel and church of Jesus Christ, and by His sacrifice and teachings anyone can change, be redeemed from imperfection and live a life of purity, one day returning to our Father in Heavens presence!
Love you so much!

February 16, 2015

We still haven't gotten transfers yet, which is annoying, but I'll try and let you know if I am transfered or anything!
That's crazy how cold it is, haha!  It's going to be a shock living in North America again, haha!
This weekend is Carnival, so a lot of people in Brazil are partying and a ridiculous number of people have gone to the beach, haha!  But here in Diadema it's pretty normal, not all that many people traveled or are doing many parties.
I started doing the blurb a day thing, but I kinda lost it later in the week, but this week I have the routine down, so I'll do it well!
Love you!

That is a pizza, haha, it's half chocolate with strawberries and half chicken and cheese, it sounds weird, I know, but it's really good!  And that is Elder Guimarães, he is home already, I lived with him for 2 transfers, he is fun.  He's super crazy, and excited, it was fun living with him.

February 9, 2015


It's awesome to hear from you!  This week was pretty good, but people are starting to wind up for Carnival, which is the really big, country-wide party that will happen this weekend, so the work was a little slower than normal.  I'll write down a blurb everyday this week to send to you in my email!
And about the shoes, don't worry too much about it, a member gave me a pair of brand new, nice and durable shoes that he didn't need, so I'll be fine for a while! Don't worry, I'm not walking around in socks! The Lord provides! haha!

In terms of careers, I'm still not very sure but looking around the BYU site I really felt pretty good about Electrical Engineering, especially looking at the Masters and PhD program, I am really thinking that I want to get a PhD!
Love you!!!

February 2, 2015

So this past week flew by really quick, we're already in the fifth week of the transfer but it feels like it just started! Mateus still isn't baptized, and now it's looking like it may take a few more weeks to get his parents approval. This honestly has to be one of the most frustrating things possible, to see someone super prepared for baptism and then the parents don't allow it.  

We are going to the temple tomorrow, which is going to be great, I think president is setting us up to be able to go like every 2 months instead of every 3 months, like it was.  I'm super excited!  

Elder Tanner and I are working in a pretty poor area recently trying to find new people to teach, it's pretty funny sometimes the people we find and the stuff that happens, and we have noticed that whenever we see someone drunk on the street it's pretty much a 100% chance that they are going to try and talk to us!  haha!  But it makes for some good laughs between me and my comp!
But other than that not much happened this week.  
Love you!

January 26, 2015


So the bad news is that Mateus didn't get baptized yesterday... he was interviewed and passed and is super prepared and has a great desire to be baptized but the mom is playing goalie, haha, that's a missionary term we use here.  She just wants to learn a little more about the church and have the chance to go to a few meetings, so we're planning on his baptism being on Feb 8.  Tome was confirmed yesterday, he's doing great!

I love you!

January 19, 2015


Whats up?  This week has been good, although it's still scorching hot down here!  Tomé was baptized yesterday, it was awesome, the Bishop remembers going to visit him with the Elders 8 years ago! haha!  We also have another investigator, Mateus, who will be baptized this week. He is 17 and after only a few weeks being taught is already really strong and really wants to get baptized!

Today Elder Tanner and I went to visit the Liberdade, that was fun, we ate frozen yogurt, haha!

Love you!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey Family!

This week was HOT, everyone was saying that it was getting up to 40 degrees celsius!  It's been really hot, so hot that I've even been using sunblock, haha!  We had a service project this week with a member, helping him add on a new floor to his house.  It was fun, we had to make and mix concrete and shovel it into buckets and take it up the house human ladder style!  It was great, the only thing is that because I always have a tie I never have to put sunblock on my lower neck, but in this project we had normal clothes and my neck got totally fried...  It sucks because now I have to use a tie right over where I'm burned,  I walk around like a robot, not twisting my neck so it won't rub against my collar!  But it's getting better.

This week Tomé is going to be baptized!  He stopped drinking coffee last week and isn't having any more headaches!  He was kind of an eternal investigator, so we asked him how long he has been taught by the missionaries... He said it has been 10 years!  I don't think he was taught continuously, but it has been a long time that the missionaries have been teaching him and he never wanted or never was able to give up coffee, but now he has!  We're super excited for him, and if you guys could continue praying for him that would be great, I really believe that is what made the difference!

I love you, thanks for the prayers!

January 5, 2015


Happy New Year!
This week flew by pretty quick!  I got a package!  Thanks so much for sending all that!  It's awesome to have some stuff from home, and now I can practice the ocarina!  And I love the cd, it's really good!
I didn't get transferred, and my companion stayed too! So that's cool, but the other two Elders who were in our house both left, which is really sad, I really liked them and enjoyed living with them.  I'm starting to feel old here in the mission, there are a lot of people I know leaving this transfer and a lot more leaving the next one too, and probably the one after that too! haha!  We saw an elder in our chapel yesterday that I have known since almost the beginning of my mission and he said he thought I had already finished my mission, haha, and that I am "eternal" that was kinda funny!

It's kind of back to work for us here, the past while we've had a lot of celebrations and stuff and haven't been able to do a whole ton of work, but now we're gonna have to really put it into gear.  We're teaching some good people, including Matheus, a great young guys who will be baptized soon, Tomé, an older man who stays at home because he had a stroke years ago and is retired,who should be baptized in a couple weeks.

Thank you so much for the prayers, I pray for everyone up there too!

December 29, 2014


It was so great to talk to everyone on Christmas!  How have things been since then?  This week was a little slow, which is normal, most people are traveling or with family, so there aren't all that many that want to talk to us on the street or anything.  And this week is the New Year! which is even worse than Christmas here in Brazil, so there's going to be even more partying and traveling and mess in the city, haha.  We're going to have a good barbecue with some members on New Year's Eve, so that should be cool.  I hit 1 year 4 months yesterday, the time is still accelerating really fast.
Anything new happen at home?

Love you!

December 25, 2014


So I'm here in the house of the family where were going to have lunch and Skype!


I think I will call in a couple of hours!

December 23, 2014


Sorry I couldn't email yesterday, we had the mission party and it went from 9am to 9pm, haha so there wasn't time to email.  But yesterday was one of the greatest days ever!  The mission has a little habit of saying that this is the best mission in the world, and yesterday we proved it!  So we had a great lunch and a super awesome talent show, the mission has lots of incredible talent!  And then President revealed that he had a little present for us.  He got a special screening copy of Meet the Mormons, dubbed in Portuguese!  We were literally the first screening of Meet the Mormons in all of Brazil!!!!!  It was so cool!!!  

I'll admit, being on my mission at Christmas time can be a little sad, Christmas just isn't quite the same here and being away from the family is tough, but yesterday I honestly felt a lot of the Christmas spirit.  My mission really is the best mission in the world!  We watched a couple of other videos too, if you guys haven't seen them yet, check these out!
I think they're incredible!

I have learned a lot about my Savior and the Atonement recently and yesterday seemed to be a culmination of that learning and appreciation.  
I think it is amazing how the Lord works, by small and simple means.  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, all they they have done for all of us as well as me specifically!

President Broadbent's daughter is visiting and we got to meet her yesterday, I had a funny thought.  I've realized that most leaders of the church seem to be taller than normal people, haha.  That goes for President and Sister Broadbent too, and when I saw their daughter she had the same effect, looking larger than a normal person. They aren't even that tall, just a little taller than me, but something about them calls attention, makes them look larger in terms of standing out more than standing literally up.  Maybe that's a spiritual thing, I'll see if I can develop or study that, haha! And my first thought was how the leaders in World of Warcraft like Thrall or the King Wryn guy are like way bigger than a normal character, haha, just a weird thought I had that I thought you might find funny, dad!

Love you, Merry Christmas!

December 15, 2014


I hope everything is great with you!  This week was good, we were able to do some good work and Elder Mazzagardi visited the mission.  He was incredible!  the meeting with him was literally just 4 uninterupted hours of him teaching pure doctrine and opening the scriptures unto us!  It seems to me that he literally has all of the standard works memorized, he would be talking about a subject, say a scripture for us to open to and then start reciting it perfectly and explaining it without even touching his scriptures!  I want to have knowledge like that someday, haha!  It really was awesome, because a lot of it wasnt stuff that he wanted us to teach to investigators, it was deeper stuff that was really meant for us to learn personally!

I'm excited for Christmas!  We're going to have lunch with a great family, probably go to another house to Skype, and then another family invited us for dinner!  That will be fun!  
Love you!

December 8, 2014

Hey family!

This week was a little tough. It's getting hard to find people to teach and the people that we find seem to all magically disappear when we visit their houses, haha!  I think it's just because of the Christmas season, more people are traveling and partying and such.  But other than that things are going well, Elder Tanner is great and Elder Mazzagardi will visit our mission this week, so that should be fun!

What is going on with you all? Getting ready for Christmas yet?  I've been thinking about you all a lot!

Love you!

December 1, 2014


So I am back in Vila Paulina, where I was before, and now my companion is Elder Tanner!  He is a descendant of John Tanner (super flippin cool) and he is Canadian, which surprises everyone, it's pretty funny!  The work was a little tough this week, because I had been out of the area, it's almost like we were opening the area again, so we had to do a LOT of walking and talking with people to try and build up a nice teaching pool again.  There was actually a day this week where I didn't sit down from the time we left lunch to the time we got home at 9 o'clock, that was a first!  
I hit 15 months this week, it seems like the months are passing like days now...  And so now I have less than 8 months until I go home.  It's passing really fast, haha.  But there is still plenty of work to be done!

One thing I've noticed on my mission is that I am not picky anymore, haha!  Since I have been on my mission I have literally loved any and all food placed before me, I think it's a blessing the Lord gives to missionaries so they don't go hungry, but I'm loving it.  I like lots of things I didn't before, especially fruits, I really like fruits now, like we had peaches with condensed milk yesterday for dessert and I loved it, even though I had always disliked peaches before my mission.  Just something I thought you would find funny, haha!

I missed you all on Thanksgiving, I hope you had a great time!  And I am excited to talk to you all on Christmas!  This month should be pretty exciting, tomorrow we are going to the temple, next week Elder Mazzagardi, from the area presidency is touring the mission, the ward is doing a big Christmas party, then the mission is doing an even bigger Christmas party, then Christmas and New Years!  This season makes finding people to teach a little tougher because lots of people travel and those that don't travel drink and party, haha but it is going to be fun.  I cant believe that a year ago I was with my first companion in my first area.

Love you, let me know how everyone is and whats going on!

November 24, 2014


So, transfers are tomorrow, and I am being transferred... kind of.  I am returning to the area I was in with Elder Assis, Vila Paulina!  I am excited, I really love that ward and was hoping I would be able to return.  Elder Ramirez got transferred too.  It was really cool being his comp, even though it was just for a week and a half.  I learned a lot from the way he teaches, in lessons he is super inspired and makes a bunch of inspired questions.  Sometimes it seems like he literally reads the investigator's mind!  I'm going to use a lot of techniques I learned from him!

That would be great if you could get an ocarina sent to me, that would be fun!  And about my shoes, I have others that are in much better shape, I will be fine until they arrive, haha.  And I've heard of those shoes from that website, they're pretty popular in the mission!  In this area there is a store called the Salvation Army, they have tons of stuff and its all super cheap.  I bought some worn leather shoes for 6 reais, that's like $2.50, haha!

Wow, it's almost Thanksgiving, haha It's weird how I don't even remember these things.  But I am excited for Christmas, getting to talk to you all will be great!  and President Broadbent is going to do a mission party thing!
I can't really think of anything else specific I need, just send some stuff you think I would like, I guess!

And 19 degrees?  That's kind of scary for me, haha, I don't think it has ever gotten below 50 where I'm at, haha!  And those pictures are funny huh? the office was a fun time!

I love you!