Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July 25, 2014


Sorry its been so long since I've sent an email!  I've been pretty sick these past 2 days, it's pretty bad, but I think I should be better by tomorrow, I hope.  
Transfers were this week, Elder Batalla left the office and I got a new companion, you won't believe who: Elder Brinton!  Elder Brinton was called to be the mission Historian, a new thing here, something president thought would be cool.  Elder Brinton is basically a genius with computers so he has been able to help out a lot with stuff here in the office!  

I am the secretary of materials now, and that means that I get tons of calls from the missionaries.  The office Elders get tons of calls for every little thing.  
It was cool to be in the office during transfers, I got to hear a lot about how it is done and see a few drafts before the official transfer was finished.
President Broadbent is really awesome, I am really glad to be here in the office to get to know him better.  
Elder Brinton, in addition to being historian, will do several things that the materials and executive secretaries used to do, so my job should be significantly easier now!  It's pretty cool

Do I really have an accent? haha!

Love You!

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