Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 17, 2014


Its great to hear from you!

This week was pretty good.  We were planning on having 3 baptisms this week, Wenes, Simone, and Carol, but Simone had to go to the hospital because she has rocks in her gallbladder and she is having surgery.  So that stinks.  But we're having good success. The ward is getting way more involved and we are having people just show up at Sacrament Meeting... That is incredible.  The past two weeks we have met 4 people for the first time at Sacrament Meeting that should be baptized soon!

The past few weeks have been incredibly hot and there was actually a serious drought, but the past 3 days it has rained and it has cooled down really well.

The power went out this week for a while because of the storms, that kinda stunk.

I've seen a couple of glimpses of the Olympics but nobody cares about the Winter Olympics here. Brazil doesn't even really participate and most people here have never even seen snow.  :(

We've had some really fun times at peoples houses recently.  At Wenes house we made pancakes because Elder Lincoln had brought maple extract to make syrup.  It was sooo good to eat pancakes after 6 months! 

I hope Valentines Day was fun!  It's celebrated in a different part of the year here.

I love you!!!

Haha,  it's funny what I miss.  It's also funny because the members all know what I miss because all of the American Elders end up missing the same things!  Its really funny to realize that here I kinda fall into an American stereotype, haha!

I had an idea, if you want you could go on google maps, and search for "Maria Estela" in Sao Paulo and look at my area!

Also, in a nearby ward they have a chapel that is 5 stories tall!!!  I got to go there during splits! check it out!

Rua Dom Bernardo Nogueira 881, CursinoSAO PAULO, SAO PAULO 04134-001BRAZIL
Love You!

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