Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 20, 2014


This week was really cool!  We had a baptism yesterday, Everton, the boyfriend of a member. Elder Lincoln got to baptize him, his first baptism!  It's really cool being a trainer and seeing all of the "firsts" of my "son" haha! It's great because now he is a member and I think this will help keep his girlfriend stronger in the church too! But, other than Everton, we haven't had all that much success, we're having a lot of trouble finding people to teach.  Part of that is because were taking a lot of time to work with members and less actives.  We actually had two really awesome experiences this week where we visited less actives who said they weren't coming to church because of some doubt.  They both said they had asked others about their doubts and hadn't gotten answers they liked, but Elder Lincoln and I were able to answer them completely and both are coming to church because of it!  We are trying to focus on strengthening members and less actives in part because our ward mission leader had a little meeting with us where he explained how he thinks that is the by far the best way we can help the area.  Our area has about 80 active members and about 350 inactive!  We've got some visiting to do!

Today we are going back to Liberdade with a couple of guys from the ward, it should be fun. I've wanted to go back ever since I went the first time!

That's funny that you think Elder Lincoln and I look alike, because Brazilians think the opposite.  Before they hear my accent most people think I'm Brazillian just because I have brown hair and eyes, but Elder Lincoln has these really bright, green eyes so it's a dead giveaway that he is a foreigner.
Elder Lincoln and I also have a goal to read the Book of Mormon through in Portuguese while we are companions!

Love you!
Elder Johnson

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