Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3,2014


Hope you're all doing well!

We had 4 investigators at church again this week, and 3 of them, have a baptismal date for next week!  

Yesterday at church I had a really cool experience!  We had a home run of a testimony meeting yesterday, it felt like way more people were in attendance than usual and almost everyone bore testimony, and nobody bore one of those loooong testimonies, haha!  Our ward mission leader told everyone how it's awesome and inspiring to work with the Elders, and Ianka and Paulo (two recent converts Elder Paiva and I baptized!) bore their testimonies on the truth of the church and Book of Mormon!!!  It was super cool to hear their testimonies and see that they are really going to continue strong in the church!  Elder Lincoln and I were among the last to bear our testimonies in the meeting.  Then after the meeting Irmão Pimenta (Brother Pepper, heh heh) pulled me aside.  Irmão Pimenta is like my favorite person in the ward, but we hadn't seen him in like 2 weeks.  He pulled me aside and told me my Portuguese is almost perfect!  He said I sound like I have almost no accent and said it is a miracle, haha!  He also said that I am proof that the Lord is accelerating missionary work!  It was really awesome to get a compliment like that, and while I still have some significant improving to do in my Portuguese I can definitely testify that the gift of tongues is real!

I got a package this week from Aunt Debbie!  It had some ties, pajamas, and lots of American candy!  I've been in heaven getting to eat Starburst again, haha!  Give them a big thank you for me!

This week I learned how to make maracujá juice and we got to try starfruit!  When I go back to the states I want to be able to make some Brazillian food.  I think I'll buy a Brazillian pressure cooker for beans when I'm at the end of my mission.

Today we are going to the zoo!  It should be a ton of fun and Ill take lots of pictures!

Love you!

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