Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 1, 2014

So, crazy week!  

I was transferred to a place called Mauá, a city which is actually not part of the city of São Paulo. It's a little bit more rural but still way jam packed with people.  Really the only difference is there are no big apartment buildings in this area, which is a good thing. It's tough to do missionary work with apartments...

So I was in a trio, like I said, for a grand total of... one day.  The second day we got a call from our Zone Leader (who had been Assistant to the President for a YEAR, but he asked to be a ZL for his last transfer, so he's amazing) and he said that he wanted to have the two trios in the zone split up and put me with a guy from another trio so I could go ahead and split the area now instead of waiting in a trio for 2 weeks.  It was a great idea and my new comp, Elder Martineau, is great. We actually already knew each other from my other zone and so were already close, it's cool.   So now I'm working in Parque das Americas 2.  The area is cool because all of the street names are names of states or countries from America, for example, our house is on America do Norte, haha!  Also, my new house is literally the biggest and best house in the mission. It's incredible, I'll send pictures next week.

The reason I am sending emails so late is because our temple day got bumped up. It was supposed to be next week but instead we didn't get P-day yesterday and went to the temple today.  It was great but a pretty big journey.

I want to study another language.  I came here in my trio with 2 Brazilians and was excited to do my first language study with Brazilian comps in like 4 months, but after hearing me speaking and reading they said they have nothing to teach me, and when I would ask questions the technical terms I used confused them...  I had been thinking about studying Arabic or Hebrew  But, so, I've gotten interested in Japanese culture since I've been here, because it has a pretty big influence here.  What do you think about me learning Japanese?  I just feel like I really have the gift of tongues and need to take advantage as much as possible, haha!  

Love you, sorry my emails seem to always be in a rush!

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