Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 5, 2014


Sorry we didn't get to email Monday, literally all of the places for us to email were closed because of Carnival! Ha ha, but I got a call from Sister Joanna and she said she would let you know, so that's cool.  Honestly, Carnival for us wasn't a big deal.  Nobody celebrates it here, the people that want to go crazy and party all go to the beach or something.  So we just worked like normal but the streets were super empty.  Today was zone conference. I really love zone conference, its always super spiritual.  I especially love to hear the testimonies of the missionaries that are leaving soon which are always really inspiring! Our main investigator, Wenes, had an interview with President this week, it was a really good experience for him.  He should be baptized the 16th!  
All of the leaders have been pushing really hard to have a longer vision with our investigators and ourselves, not just teaching people to be baptized but getting them to persevere!  And a lot of the training today at the zone conference was about becoming true converts ourselves, which is one thing I can definitely say has happened  to me on my mission!  

We've got one phone between us and we're not even allowed to text!  I'm anxious to see if the whole technologizing of missionaries will hit my mission while I'm here!  

Love you and everyone back home!

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