Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

So this week was easily the most messed up of my mission... I got my new companion, Elder Meline, who I am training!  Kind of.  He has been waiting for his Visa, serving in the States for a year!  Haha, I'm training a missionary with more time on his mission than me!  Unfortunately we had a really bad experience his first week. We got attacked and chased by a man with a big rod of wood and Elder Meline got hit 3 times, one of which was in the head and he had to get 5 stitches...
We were trying to visit a woman with a member who lives on the street and were at her door when a big shirtless man with a stick appears out of nowhere and asks what we're doing.  He was talking to me, because I was standing at the door, and Elder Meline was a few feet away.  The guy starts saying all sorts of crazy stuff about the church and Elder Meline starts walking in our direction to see what's going on. Then the guy just starts swinging at him... he got hit 3 times, twice he blocked with his arm, bruising it pretty badly and once right on his forehead which began to bleed immediately.  We just ran.  We went to the house of the member who we were with and she called an ambulance and the cops.  The event made a big stir on the street and now pretty much all of the women on the street don't like this guy, and they are going to testify against him in court and try to get him forced to move.  We went to the hospital and got a member to drive us home.  We spent the last few days just letting Elder Meline rest at home. He's really strong; President asked if he wanted to get out of the area but he doesn't want to, he wanted to go out and continue proselyting the very next day!
It was absolute insanity but I think it was a testimony builder for everyone!  And it will make one heck of a story!

Here are some pictures of the Elders I live with, The group ones are when I was with Elder Martineau for 2 weeks, us with Guaraná Jesus which is really popular in Maranhão where one of the Elders is from and me with Elder Meline.

Let me know if I missed any questions, haha

Love you!

The Elders I live with are awesome, we play ninja a lot at home, haha!

Some details about the Guaraná Jesus, its pink and tastes like bubble gum (tutti frutti) haha!

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