Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 14, 2014


This week has been cool!  Wanderley was baptized this Sunday.  It was incredible because this week he was advised that his work schedule would change.  He had been working everyday from like 6pm til some time in the early morning.  This made it hard for him to come to church (but he comes every week because he is awesome)  and he always had to work after church on Sundays.  But now he works from 2pm til 10pm, and has Sundays off!  It's a  much more normal schedule and will allow him to keep the Sabbath day better.  And this happened the week of his baptism!  I definitely think it's a miracle and shows how the Lord always provides a way! Wanderley is awesome because he really searched for understanding, one day in church, in the middle of a meeting he turned to me and asked "What did Enos do that he had to pray so much to receive forgiveness?"  I was super surprised, he had been reading in Enos, haha!  So I gave him a mini lesson on Enos.  It is the best thing in the world when someone really searches for truth.  I have gotten a strong testimony of the promise that "For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."  I honestly have not found one single person on my mission who really, honestly tried to find the truth and read the Book of Mormon who was not convinced that it is true. 

Another great example of this is Adailson.  I don't know if I've already told you about him but we're also teaching a man named Adailson.  He is really awesome too!  He is a construction worker, and is from the north east of Brazil, so he has very little schooling and can barely read. But despite this he is reading the Book of Mormon and has been coming to church for a while now.  He quit drinking alcohol and coffee when we taught the word of wisdom with no problems at all!  He doesn't read well but the few pages he has been able to read he really understands, and applies what he learns in his life,  Its awesome to see!

Have you all seen the Bble videos the church is making?  They're pretty much my favorite thing ever now. Whenever we have lunch in the office I just watch them, they are so cool!  It's so cool to see Christ and his teachings portrayed so realistically.  My favorite is Jesus declares: I am the light of the world, the truth shall make you free.

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