Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 20, 2014


How is everything going?  This week has been good, and Adailson is going to be baptized this Saturday! His interview is tonight.  Today is also a cool training for the zone leaders, President is trying to basically rewire the brains of the leadership, because they aren't really being examples in terms of the amount of work they are doing, and the mission is baptizing much less because of it.  So that should be a cool thing for the mission, and it will be cool to see in the coming weeks if there is a big change.

Here are some cool pictures. President took us to Pizza Hut one day which was awesome, because it is American pizza, haha.  It was also cool because it is outside of the mission, haha. And nearby the office is a place that sells big tubs of açaí, so I buy it all the time, its really good, I really like açaí.

Love you!

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