Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July 29, 2014


It is cool to be with an old comp again, because we already know each other, and it's cool to see how his mission has affected him and how we both have improved our teaching skills since the MTC, haha!  My Portuguese took a big leap when I got to the office, because I talk more here and have gotten a bigger vocabulary.
These past few days have been kind of rushed because we have zone conference this week, which should be good.  President changed up the leadership and is changing some rules and the culture of the mission so this conference, which will be president's first, should be fun! President went tonight to speak at the MTC, he really is busy, it's pretty crazy.
We have some cool investigators, one is really preparing for baptism and should be baptized next week, if not this Sunday!  He is really dedicated and has a real hunger for the truth!  His name is Wanderley, his only problems are with smoking and drinking coffee, which he had already stopped using, but started again when he had a really tough situation at work.  So this week he is working really hard to keep the Word of Wisdom! We went to the avenida Paulista a few weeks ago, which is like the Times Square of São Paulo, it was pretty cool!  But I'm going to need to go back because I didn't take any pictures, haha!
I think it's hilarious that you guys liked the word butthurt, haha, and yes, some people are still pretty butthurt, I think that game is going to become like an old wive's tale to scare little children and soccer fans everywhere!

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