Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 8, 2014

I hope you all are doing well!  This week was pretty normal, but we're excited because Wanderley is going to be baptized this Sunday!  He is really awesome, super firm  and really has made a huge effort in changing his life and really committing to the gospel.  He quit smoking and drinking coffee in just a couple of weeks and comes to church every week even though he works during the night!
The office is cool, I'm getting more comfortable now, and I'm realizing that my time here is probably really good preparation for 'real life'.  Because it's more like what life after my mission will be like, having a job, and trying to balance time between working and studying and family. So I thought that was cool when I came up with it!
President was awesome in the zone conferences and leadership council recently.  He really is focused and is doing away with everything that is unnecessary.  His big focus is the number of people that are entering the temple, and then the number of people being baptized, and he says if a missionary is helping a large number of people to do these things that basically nothing else matters (like other numbers, lessons, contacts and such). This is having a good impact, because these past few months the mission has really hit the brakes on baptisms, like the smallest number of people being baptized in a month in like 3 years.
It's funny, president always tells stories of when he served here and how many people he baptized... He baptized WAY more than the mission is now, haha.  But this is giving a really good vision, I think a lot of missionaries had kind of given up on baptizing, because it's so hard, but President is teaching that it's not good enough just to teach someone, but "that if someone is willing to let you into their house and hear your message that you have to convert that person to the gospel." - having real success and really converting people.  It's cool, I'm excited to see how the mission changes as a result of all of this.

I can't believe that I've been on my mission almost a whole year!  It's almost halfway over! AAAhh!  I remember when I got here thinking about all of the people that already had a year, and how old they seemed...  I felt like it would never get here, but now time is passing really fast!  I absolutely love my mission! I am learning soo much, but more importantly I am changing, or at least trying!  Changing to really live the gospel of Jesus Christ with my whole heart, because I know for sure that it is true!

Love you all!

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