Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 3, 2014


Hope you're doing well!
This week was pretty normal again, haha.  Our water came back, but our electric showerhead shortfused while I was showering and has stopped working, so I'm still not taking the greatest showers.  But we should get it working again today or tomorrow, what a blessing!  haha!

Elder Assis and I went to 25 de março (a really big commercial center of São Paulo) with some other missionaries that are going home in a few weeks and bought some sweet ties.  Elder Assis is going home next week, so he's what the missionaries call trunky, its pretty funny!

Some members were asking a bunch of questions of what Halloween is like in America, you should send some pictures of Halloween stuff so I can show them!

Oh, for a Christmas package, could you send some new shoes?  Mine are pretty messed up, it's actually pretty funny, I'll take a picture and send it.  Also, is my Ocarina still around the house?  I was thinking it would be cool to have that!

Thanks so much! Love you!

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