Tuesday, November 18, 2014

September 20, 2014


So looks like from now on p-day for us will be Saturday!  This way there won't be any crazy events or anything that can get in the way like during the week.  
The coming weeks should be cool for the mission. This week we have zone conference and the next week we have a p-day of the mission!  That should be fun, the whole mission is going to go to the São Paulo Botanical Garden and we're gonna eat and I don't know what else, haha!  Here's something funny, some mission president had made a rule that missionaries can't drink coca cola sometime in the past, but President thought that we shouldn't have that rule, so one of the big announcements the mission will get in the newsletter is that they can drink coke!  It's pretty ridiculous how happy that is going to make some missionaries.  What keeps me busy in the office is really just typing up convert information into the system, passing referrals, and organizing materials.  President has given me a few other miscellaneous things to do, like I send emails to parents saying that their missionaries have gotten here safely, and I'm making a 1 page summary of the 20 page missionary recommendation form for each missionary that will be of greater use to him.

I love you!

From September 15th

Things have been going pretty well here!  Here's a funny story, so we were in our Sacrament meeting and all of a suddenElder Aidukaitis walks in... haha, he is in the area presidency and spoke in the last general conference!  It was really cool!

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