Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014


So this week turned out a little different than I thought it would.  Elder Assis left and instead of staying in the area like I thought I would I got transferred to a different ward.  Now I'm with Elder Ramirez, he's awesome!  He is from the Dominican Republic.  I'm in the same stake, just a couple wards over.  I like the ward and area, but I was really disappointed to leave my last area.  But I don't really know what will happen now, there is only one more week until transfers and I don't think that Elder Ramirez and I will continue together, I think it is just a temporary thing, we'll see what happens, I guess!
In my new house all of the Elders are great.  There is an Elder from Acre, a state of Brazil that is like, beyond the Amazon, haha.  It's so rare to see people from there that some people say it doesn't actually exist and people are more surprised to meet him than they are when they meet foreigners!

Camilla was baptized yesterday!  It was great to see her and a bunch of other people from my last area at the stake conference! President and Sister broadbent spoke at the stake conference and so they stayed for the baptism, which was cool.  I love getting to baptize someone, it's the best feeling ever!

Here are some pictures!  Love you guys!

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