Sunday, March 22, 2015

December 15, 2014


I hope everything is great with you!  This week was good, we were able to do some good work and Elder Mazzagardi visited the mission.  He was incredible!  the meeting with him was literally just 4 uninterupted hours of him teaching pure doctrine and opening the scriptures unto us!  It seems to me that he literally has all of the standard works memorized, he would be talking about a subject, say a scripture for us to open to and then start reciting it perfectly and explaining it without even touching his scriptures!  I want to have knowledge like that someday, haha!  It really was awesome, because a lot of it wasnt stuff that he wanted us to teach to investigators, it was deeper stuff that was really meant for us to learn personally!

I'm excited for Christmas!  We're going to have lunch with a great family, probably go to another house to Skype, and then another family invited us for dinner!  That will be fun!  
Love you!

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