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December 23, 2014


Sorry I couldn't email yesterday, we had the mission party and it went from 9am to 9pm, haha so there wasn't time to email.  But yesterday was one of the greatest days ever!  The mission has a little habit of saying that this is the best mission in the world, and yesterday we proved it!  So we had a great lunch and a super awesome talent show, the mission has lots of incredible talent!  And then President revealed that he had a little present for us.  He got a special screening copy of Meet the Mormons, dubbed in Portuguese!  We were literally the first screening of Meet the Mormons in all of Brazil!!!!!  It was so cool!!!  

I'll admit, being on my mission at Christmas time can be a little sad, Christmas just isn't quite the same here and being away from the family is tough, but yesterday I honestly felt a lot of the Christmas spirit.  My mission really is the best mission in the world!  We watched a couple of other videos too, if you guys haven't seen them yet, check these out!
I think they're incredible!

I have learned a lot about my Savior and the Atonement recently and yesterday seemed to be a culmination of that learning and appreciation.  
I think it is amazing how the Lord works, by small and simple means.  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, all they they have done for all of us as well as me specifically!

President Broadbent's daughter is visiting and we got to meet her yesterday, I had a funny thought.  I've realized that most leaders of the church seem to be taller than normal people, haha.  That goes for President and Sister Broadbent too, and when I saw their daughter she had the same effect, looking larger than a normal person. They aren't even that tall, just a little taller than me, but something about them calls attention, makes them look larger in terms of standing out more than standing literally up.  Maybe that's a spiritual thing, I'll see if I can develop or study that, haha! And my first thought was how the leaders in World of Warcraft like Thrall or the King Wryn guy are like way bigger than a normal character, haha, just a weird thought I had that I thought you might find funny, dad!

Love you, Merry Christmas!

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