Sunday, March 22, 2015

November 24, 2014


So, transfers are tomorrow, and I am being transferred... kind of.  I am returning to the area I was in with Elder Assis, Vila Paulina!  I am excited, I really love that ward and was hoping I would be able to return.  Elder Ramirez got transferred too.  It was really cool being his comp, even though it was just for a week and a half.  I learned a lot from the way he teaches, in lessons he is super inspired and makes a bunch of inspired questions.  Sometimes it seems like he literally reads the investigator's mind!  I'm going to use a lot of techniques I learned from him!

That would be great if you could get an ocarina sent to me, that would be fun!  And about my shoes, I have others that are in much better shape, I will be fine until they arrive, haha.  And I've heard of those shoes from that website, they're pretty popular in the mission!  In this area there is a store called the Salvation Army, they have tons of stuff and its all super cheap.  I bought some worn leather shoes for 6 reais, that's like $2.50, haha!

Wow, it's almost Thanksgiving, haha It's weird how I don't even remember these things.  But I am excited for Christmas, getting to talk to you all will be great!  and President Broadbent is going to do a mission party thing!
I can't really think of anything else specific I need, just send some stuff you think I would like, I guess!

And 19 degrees?  That's kind of scary for me, haha, I don't think it has ever gotten below 50 where I'm at, haha!  And those pictures are funny huh? the office was a fun time!

I love you!

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