Sunday, March 22, 2015

January 5, 2015


Happy New Year!
This week flew by pretty quick!  I got a package!  Thanks so much for sending all that!  It's awesome to have some stuff from home, and now I can practice the ocarina!  And I love the cd, it's really good!
I didn't get transferred, and my companion stayed too! So that's cool, but the other two Elders who were in our house both left, which is really sad, I really liked them and enjoyed living with them.  I'm starting to feel old here in the mission, there are a lot of people I know leaving this transfer and a lot more leaving the next one too, and probably the one after that too! haha!  We saw an elder in our chapel yesterday that I have known since almost the beginning of my mission and he said he thought I had already finished my mission, haha, and that I am "eternal" that was kinda funny!

It's kind of back to work for us here, the past while we've had a lot of celebrations and stuff and haven't been able to do a whole ton of work, but now we're gonna have to really put it into gear.  We're teaching some good people, including Matheus, a great young guys who will be baptized soon, Tomé, an older man who stays at home because he had a stroke years ago and is retired,who should be baptized in a couple weeks.

Thank you so much for the prayers, I pray for everyone up there too!

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