Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 6, 2015

I haven't had any real updates from my last area but I know that their daughter, Ariel, was baptized last week!  So I can guess that they're doing great!  I hope they are getting ready to get married and get baptized themselves. I'll see if I can contact the missionaries there to see how they are doing.  I would love to visit them, but it's looking like these last weeks are going to be kind of pressed for time, because my companion is also going home, so we will have to split our time between his old areas and mine.
I got a package from the Priest Quorum this week, it had a nice letter and a bunch of American candy!  I loved it!  I took a photo with my comp and the package, and was wondering if you could have it printed and give it to the Priest Quorum with my thanks.
I haven't taken any pictures of this area yet, but I'll get on it!  We're trying to help some really good people we are teaching in this area but nobody is progressing, it's pretty frustrating.  We wanted to baptize Lidiana before we go home but she has become pretty apathetic to the gospel recently, she is really thankful for our helping her get rid of all her addictions but she doesn't seem interested in the church anymore, it's really sad.  But there are several others we are trying to bring to church in these coming weeks, we're just trying to do all the good we can before going home!

Love you!

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