Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 8, 2015

I'm forwarding a couple of pictures from this week.  All of the really old Americans in the mission had to go to the mission office and then the federal police station in nothern São Paulo to renew their visas.  It was fun, got to spend some time with some of my oldest friends here in the mission, and get this, I somehow managed to get a permanent visa!  haha! I don't exactly know why, but the visa renewal stamps on all the other guys' passports shows an expiration date a year from now but mine says in big bold letters PERMANENTE.  So that's cool.
This week is the last week for my comp, so today we're going to visit some of his old areas and we are going to focus on our investigators that are preparing for baptism this week, Camille and Thyná.  They are two sisters and are really great and have been going to church for a long while and their mother has finally given permission for their baptism!
Leonardo and Lucia are still probably the coolest investigators I've ever taught, they came to stake conference this weekend, Leonardo went to ALL of the sessions!  They used a lot of Doctrine &Covenants there and so Leonardo has been increasingly interested.  He's eating up scriptures and pamphlets as fast as we can give them!  This week they committed to getting married and he actually asked us about the process leading to baptism!
Love you!

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