Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 29, 2015


I know, just one month left!  I used to say I couldn't believe it but this transfer, with a companion who is also going home, it's actually hitting me.  But it's a really weird feeling, I feel like it will be a death/rebirth kind of transition.  But I'm really excited to use all of the amazing things I've learned on my mission in "real life."  

Yesterday we had stake conference (this is the third one I've gone to in like 3 months because of transfers, haha)  but this one was especially cool.  The stake president was the first speaker, which I thought was strange, but then it made sense.  The mission president, temple president, and an area seventy and their wives were all the other speakers!  It was a great meeting and I learned a lot.  Normally President Broadbent speaks about missionary work at the conferences but this time the seventy, Elder Gonzaga, spoke more about it than Presidente Broadbent!  He said that of all his many priesthood callings his mission is the one that made the biggest difference in his life, I thought that was really cool, and I think it will be true for me too!  It was also really cool because we were able to bring a family to church that had never gone before and I think they really felt the spirit there!  This family was reluctant to go to church because, like so many others here in Brazil, they have been traumatized by crazy churches that scream and have possessions and ask people to give half their salaries.  But I think they really saw the difference in the Church of Jesus Christ.  I think that is one of the first witnesses new investigators have of the church, and has been a really interesting experience for me too, that our church is just so much different than the others, and different only in good ways.  It's really hard to get people to actually get up and go to church but on my mission everyone that has gone has loved it without fail!

Ariel, the daughter of Leonardo and Lucia from my last area was baptized this week, I found out from the mission newsletter,  I'm really happy for her and that family, it looks like they haven't slowed down at all, and I'm hopeful the missionaries there are making progress towards their marriage!

I think it would be awesome to do a fireside, I remember missionaries that came home when I was a young man and did firesides and I thought it was super cool!

Love you, let me know about anything else interesting going on!

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