Sunday, July 5, 2015

May 25, 2015

So I'm emailing really late again because we went to that farm place again! haha! This time it was a zone p-day, so everyone was there, it was a lot of fun!  
This week was great, Aparacido and Aline were baptized on Saturday!!!  Both of them are great and have a big desire to follow the gospel, Aparaceido has made some really huge changes in his life to get to this point and he seems super committed to continuing until the end.  

I like the idea about writing the lessons from my mission, I think I'll do that, I think I may even buy a new notebook to write that!

We also have been teaching a really cool investigator that came to church yesterday.  Have you ever seen the little video about Wilford Woodruff and his search for the truth?  It's kind of like this guy, Leonardo.  On my mission I've had some chances to teach some really intense lessons with people that have studied the Bible for years and have even taught some pastors with their own churches but this guy's is definitely the most knowlegable about the Bible and the gospel. This man knows so many things about the scriptures, even things that are basically unique to the restored gospel such as: the existence of an apostasy and the Melchizedek Priesthood, the the weird thing? He doesn't go to any church.  He has visited just about any you can think of but hasn't felt that any of them are true.  But yesterday he went with us and really enjoyed it!  When we visited him afterwards he even talked about his plans for him and his wife to get married for the purpose of getting baptized!  They're great, and I really hope to be able to baptize them before the end of my mission!
Love you!

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