Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 15, 2015


So, this week was pretty hectic, my companion and another Elder we live with who is also going home this week had to do a bunch of traveling to the office together so I spent half the week with Elder Forsgren.  It was really great, we were in the MTC together so it's awesome getting to catch up and have some good conversations.  I was transferred... which is a surprise, I've only been in this area for one transfer!  There are more than 20 missionaries going home so a lot of areas are being closed.  I'm just kind of annoyed that i wont have time to get to know my last area before going home.  Just like this area... ugh... and no one there will know about my birthday either, haha.

But it will be great, I cant believe that tomorrow I will go to my last area with my last companion!

Love you!

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