Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 22, 2015

So I was transferred to a city called São Bernardo do Campo, right in the middle of the mission.  It's the biggest city in our mission outside of São Paulo and this area is definitely the richest I have ever served in, haha, even more so than Santo André.  It seems like a great place and I like the ward but it's been pretty hard to teach here.  I'm used to areas with tons of people on the street and people that are really receptive and have time to talk with us but those people just don't seem to exist much here, haha!  But even so, we have some really good investigators that are progressing well!  My new and last companion is Elder Lawrence.  And get this, he is going home this transfer too!   In fact there are like 6 missionaries in our zone going home this transfer.  Elder Lawrence is great, we got here in Brazil at the same time and started our missions here in the same zone, and actually, my first split ever was with him!  And since then we have been in the same zone several times, so I feel like we know each other pretty well already.

We're teaching a woman named Lidiana, she has already been to church a few times and is reading a lot of the Book of Mormon, she isn't baptized just because she wants to be sure that she actually believes what we're teaching.  She's really great, one of the most genuine people I've taught in a long time and she is making a really diligent search for the truth, if you all could put her in your prayers, I really think that she could be baptized shortly!

I got the invite to talk in Sacrament meeting!  aaaahhhh! I think I'm only really realizing this last transfer that my mission is actually ending.

Love you!!

I didn't really do anything for my birthday, I'm in a new area and none of the members know me, so I just kind of let it go by.  We will buy a pizza this week and consider it my birthday pizza, haha!

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