Sunday, May 3, 2015

February 16, 2015

We still haven't gotten transfers yet, which is annoying, but I'll try and let you know if I am transfered or anything!
That's crazy how cold it is, haha!  It's going to be a shock living in North America again, haha!
This weekend is Carnival, so a lot of people in Brazil are partying and a ridiculous number of people have gone to the beach, haha!  But here in Diadema it's pretty normal, not all that many people traveled or are doing many parties.
I started doing the blurb a day thing, but I kinda lost it later in the week, but this week I have the routine down, so I'll do it well!
Love you!

That is a pizza, haha, it's half chocolate with strawberries and half chicken and cheese, it sounds weird, I know, but it's really good!  And that is Elder Guimarães, he is home already, I lived with him for 2 transfers, he is fun.  He's super crazy, and excited, it was fun living with him.

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