Sunday, May 3, 2015

February 23, 2015

So I was transferred to a city called Santo André, it's been going well here so far.  The youth all just got back from fsy (the new name for efy, I think)  and they are all fired up about the gospel! It's awesome!  There were 2 young women in our ward who have been coming to church for like 8 months but weren't baptized, and they came back from fsy just dying to be baptized! So this Saturday they will be!  It's awesome!  Yesterday in the Sacrament meeting there weren't any speakers, they just had all the youth bear testimony, it was cool!
My companion is Elder Lott, he's great, we're actually really similar in personality.  He is also from North Carolina, and get this, we live with another elder from North Carolina!  So all of the Elders from NC are living together, and we all will go home at the same time!
That's crazy about the weather and I can't beleive Julia is taking the act and sat!  I remember being pretty stressed about those too!
My new area is really big, by far the biggest I've had before, but the ward is kind of small, but I like the members I've met so far.
Yesterday, seeing all of the youth bear testimony, I really felt the Spirit, I know that this is truly the gospel and church of Jesus Christ, and by His sacrifice and teachings anyone can change, be redeemed from imperfection and live a life of purity, one day returning to our Father in Heavens presence!
Love you so much!

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