Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 13, 2014


So, I'm in the office now, haha!  We get to choose when our p-day will be, because we have to be in the office during the p-day of everyone else, so my emails will come on a different day each week.  

I'm really enjoying being a secretary, though it is really flipping hard.  I am materials, so we organize the distribution of the materials like Books of Mormon, pamphlets, and dvds to the missionaries, as well as organizing and digitizing baptismal records and handling referrals.  It really is a "work hard, play hard" kind of assignment, where I live and work is like a palace compared to the other places I've lived on my mission, we even have air conditioning and a drying machine, wooo!  We choose our p-day and go out to eat at nice places most days.  But it is really tough, for example, my FIRST DAY here we had to stay in the office until 11:30 to get together materials and mail for the whole mission to give to the zone leaders at a meeting the next day.  Then, the next day we got a shipment of materials, like 50 heavy boxes of pamphlets, which we had to take up the elevator to unpack.  I'm going to have to spend a large portion of my time digitizing baptismal documents (I'm using the word documents because I literally forgot the translation of "fichas", so that's kinda embarrassing). But that is just typing into the computer all the info about the people who were recently baptized.  And I'll probably be here doing this stuff for a good 6 months.

My comp is Elder Batalla, he is from Argentina, and he is super soft spoken.  He has been in the office for 4.5 months so far, and now that he is training me as materials secretary he will probably leave after this transfer. We do proselyting from 6-9 at night.  It's not all that much but it's enough to get some good work done.  We have a couple of good investigators and we are very hopeful to have baptisms this transfer!  

The world cup started yesterday!  Brazil is going crazy!  All of the missionaries had to stay home yesterday and will have to stay home during all of the games.  I need to buy some good world cup stuff to bring home!  

I'm super excited to be in the office, I think I'm going to learn a ton during my time here!

Love you! 

Yeah, I'm really excited to be in the office, especially since the president will switch this transfer, that should be a really cool experience.  Yeah, the area of the office is really nice, like half of the people on the street are dressed better than me, haha!  We don't get to drive though.  Generally it's just the 4 secretaries here in the office, but the assistants come a couple times a week and sleep in our apartment on Sundays.  President comes by pretty often too.  President has local counselors but I don't really know what they do, I met one of them once, but that was only because he lived in Mauá, the stake where I was serving.

Here are some pictures of my comp, Elder Batalla, the office, and the view from it.

Love You!

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