This week was kinda a bummer.  I was super excited for the visit from Neil L Anderson, but the day he was going to come there were a ton of protests and strikes that cropped up all over São Paulo! Apparently everyone that ran the buses and all of the police went on strike...  All of the missionaries had to stay at home that day. That was going to be a pretty unique opportunity.

But this week we had a really good experience with Maria Fatima and her cousin Natalia! Maria Fatima had a dream that I was baptizing her in the church!  And Natalia decided she wants to be baptized too!  So both of them are going to be baptized this coming Sunday,  It's awesome to see when someone really receives an answer about the church!

This week when we got to church the bishop came up to me and my comp and said, "can you two be the first and second talks today in Sacrament meeting?"  Haha, so I had to prepare a talk during the first 2 classes and give it yesterday.  It was actually pretty good, I talked about true conversion and being an example.  I don't know if I mentioned it but I also gave a talk on Easter day about the life and atonement of Jesus Christ, and that day I was the third speaker!  I had never been the third speaker before, I had to talk for 25 minutes, haha!

There is a simplified hymn book in the apartment and I can play the melody of all of them without problem, I just need to work on adding in the left hand.  We only attend our one ward, and it has 4 missionaries and most of the time there is a pianist, but it would be cool to be able to play in Sacrament meeting sometime! If I could go and tell my younger self to do something it would definitely be to keep doing piano and hapkido!

I love you!