Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014


This week was pretty normal, but there were some cool things going on.  Maria Fatima should be baptized this week!  The other Elders of the ward baptized a man and President Tanner came to the baptism. That was cool.  

We had the last zone conference with President and Sister Tanner this week, it was really good. They are incredible people, I am really glad I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from them. The new president will be President Broadbent, He and his wife made a video and sent it to President Tanner and we watched it at the zone conference, I think they are going to be good.

The World Cup is getting really big here!  Everyone is painting the streets and their houses with the Brazilian flag and stuff, and hanging up streamers in the telephone lines!  By the time the Cup starts the whole city is going to be covered in decorations!  I'll take some pictures this week to show you!  Unfortunately we won't be able to watch the games at all.  We actually will have to stay home while the games are going on and if there are parties and stuff in the streets (which it seems like there definitely will be)  we aren't supposed to go outside.  This next month will be pretty crazy!

That's awesome that the stake did a fast. I have also really gained a testimony of fasting, and recently me and my comp have been fasting weekly.  I think it's so incredible and it really strengthens me that so many people support the great work of spreading the gospel.

Thanks so much for the prayers!  I love you!

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